Testimonials from RE/MAX Agents and Brokers

The RE/MAX business concept, which is vastly different from structures offered by other real estate firms, was developed by top producers determined to put the power back in the hands of the individual agent. Our commission packages enable real estate professionals to maximize their business potential. Over 30 years later, the RE/MAX concept remains the most innovative and flexible business plan in the industry.


As a RE/MAX Agent, you are a self-employed entrepreneur with very little investment and miminal overhead costs. A few of the benefits of joining the RE/MAX of Indiana network:

  • Excellent start-up training, agent mentoring and ongoing national training
  • Leading technology and internet resources
  • Worldwide advertising dominance and brand name recognition

Read on to see what our Agents and Broker/Owners say about working as members of Indiana's leading real estate company!

Keith Albrecht

Sales Associate, RE/MAX Real Estate Groups, Indianapolis, IN
"I looked into a career in real estate after having been in business for myself. I knew I didn’t want to be ‘just an agent’ or follow someone else’s idea of a business plan. RE/MAX gave me the freedom to build my own business inside the RE/MAX business and my own production team. This is the kind of flexibility I was looking for."

Jimmy Dulin

Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Ability Plus, Carmel, IN
"Having public relations provided as a part of the RE/MAX franchise package is invaluable for me and my agents. From getting the word out about agent designations to fundraising in the community, our PR firm interviews, writes and places articles in our local paper. Good press makes it easier to recruit and easier to get potential customers familiar with your firm. It makes a real difference in your overall business success.”

Sam Goebel

Broker/Owner & Auctioneer (Former Independent Broker/Owner), RE/MAX Oak Crest, Bremen, Culver & Plymouth, IN
"Attracting and retaining the best agents helps me build my business. Our auction division provides an option that works well with our real estate company. We have enjoyed dominant market share in Marshall County for several years now."

Tim Mason

Broker/Owner (Former independent Broker/Owner), RE/MAX Midwest Real Estate Group Princeton, IN
"I have several different compensation options I offer my associates. They choose the level of commitment they are comfortable with. The bigger the risk they take, the higher their split. This works out better for both the broker and the agent."

Todd Stock

Broker /Owner, RE/MAX Results Angola, IN
"Part of our market is resort and lake business, which really lends itself to referrals. I track the amount of income from the RE/MAX Referral Network, and it's both measurable and significant. The networking opportunity between RE/MAX associates is tremendous."

John Sullivan

Broker Associate, RE/MAX Results, Fort Wayne, IN
"My relationship with a local company afforded the opportunity to bring RE/MAX into the Corporate Connection Program. RE/MAX helped to secure the account and the company is happy with the service. For the past three years, I have received referral fees on business across the nation, plus many listings and sales on local moves. It’s an unbelievable program and I don’t think any other real estate organization has anything close to it."

Annette Wigand

Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Realty Plus, Jasper, IN
"We started as a brand new company and today we have over half the market share in our county. Even simple things like bringing the RE/MAX balloon to our festival has made a big impact in our area."