Franchise Opportunities

Owning a RE/MAX Franchise



 … Why?


Because the RE/MAX Concept was designed from the outset to solve fundamental brokerage-management challenges regardless of the business cycle.


Deceptively simple, the RE/MAX Concept grows increasingly difficult for others to duplicate:


Offer the commission structure that top agents want. Provide the training and motivation they need. Treat them as your lifeblood. Deliver legitimate leads. Be a part of a brand that compels the public –and your competition – to think, "the best."


RE/MAX experience, productivity and market power are recognized worldwide. But even more important is the true heart of the concept: a powerful leadership and management system that continues to elevate RE/MAX today – just as it has for more than 35 years.



See below for the TOP 10 Reasons to invest in a RE/MAX Franchise


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1: Power of the Brand
The day you join RE/MAX, everybody knows your name. Through advertising, worldwide sponsorship of sports events and the collective power of marketing by thousands of Affiliates, RE/MAX has become one of the best-known and most-respected brands in the world.


2: Worldwide Real Estate Leader
Since 1997, RE/MAX has been able to boast that "nobody in the world sells more real estate." During the past decade, RE/MAX has set the record in Entrepreneur magazine's annual listing of the real estate industry's best franchise buys.


3: Leads for Agents
Since 2006, has displayed every U.S. listing in thousands of markets. The accompanying lead-generation and management system, known as LeadStreet, produces thousands of leads per month for RE/MAX agents.


4: Networking and Referrals
RE/MAX agents have a referral base of more than 100,000 Affiliates in over 70 countries. Referrals flow directly between experienced agents based on criteria they select themselves – with no middlemen taking a cut.


5: On-Demand Education
RE/MAX University provides the industry's best education. Agents and Broker/Owners have access 24/7 to online training resources. RE/MAX is the only real estate organization with its own satellite television network.


6: Advertising
Award-winning RE/MAX advertising helps RE/MAX Broker/Owners recruit Sales Associates, while helping Associates gain listings and sell homes. RE/MAX has approximately 50 percent share of voice in the United States – meaning consumers view RE/MAX advertising on national TV almost as much as all competitors combined.


7: Recruiting Support
RE/MAX Broker/Owners have a comprehensive set of tools to help them recruit agents. One example is a Web site devoted exclusively to recruiting. We also have many printed, online and video recruiting resources.


8: In Business for Yourself, But Not by Yourself
Backed by the RE/MAX name and network, you have every opportunity to rise to heights you may never before have dreamed of. Online forums, classroom training and conferences enable you to tap into the knowledge and experience of the industry's top brokerage owners and managers.


9: Franchise Support
No other national real estate network matches up to RE/MAX when it comes to services and support. One-on-one help and guidance from a franchise development consultant is just a phone call away.


10: Because You Still Can!
There has never been a better time to join RE/MAX. We offer you the chance to build your own business in your own community, like thousands of entrepreneurs just like you